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TIP: Recovering Fraudulent Charges

Recently, breaches in both the retail and hospitality industry exposed thousands of consumers to potential identity theft. While in some instances, hackers were not able to steal or use financial information, it is important to know how your bank or credit card company will handle reports of fraudulent charges. Here are some thoughts to keep […]

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TIP: Online Rental Scams

When looking to rent a new apartment or house, you have to consider things like cost, size, and location. You should also consider that the listing may be a scam. Having the rental market primarily online opens the door for a variety of scams a potential renter can easily fall victim to. Here are some tips […]

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TIP: Spam Calls

Do you have unwanted callers contacting you at all hours of the day? Here are some tips to avoid being scammed over the phone: -Always stay calm. Never let a caller pressure you into making a purchase.  -Never give out personal information, including your credit card number or telephone calling card number.  -Never agree to […]

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